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The CFMIP2 GCM experiments are now being coordinated as part of the CMIP5 project.

The CFMIP experiments are described in Section IV of the CFMIP-2 experimental design and appear in Table 6 of the CMIP5 experimental design.

An overview of the CFMIP model output requirements appears in Section III of the CFMIP-2 experimental design and details are available in the CMIP5 List of Required Model Output (Please note that a list of which diagnostics are required in which experiments appears in 'CFMIP output', the penultimate worksheet in the document which is easily overlooked.)

CFMIP2 Point Output Locations

The list of locations for high frequency CFMIP outputs and plot is also now available. (Updated with one additional Antarctic point to give a total of 119 - April 2010.) (Updated with optional Barbados point to give a total of 120 - June 2012.)

CFMIP2 Patterned SST forcing dataset

A patterned SST forcing dataset is required for experiment 6.6. This is a normalised multi-model ensemble mean of the ocean surface temperature response pattern (the change in ocean surface temperature (TOS) between years 0-20 and 140-160, the time of CO2 quadrupling in the 1% runs) from thirteen CMIP3 AOGCMs (cccma, cnrm, gfdlcm20, gfdlcm21, gisser, inmcm3, ipsl, miroc-medres, miub, mpi, mri, ncar-ccsm3, and ncar-pcm1.) Before computing the multi-model ensemble mean, each model's TOS response was divided by its global mean and multiplied by 4. This guarantees that the pattern information from all models is weighted equally and the global mean SST forcing is the same as in the uniform +4K experiment (6.8 in the CMIP5 expt. design document). (Thanks to Brian Soden for producing this). ( Updated 29th Oct, 2009)

Please note that CFMIP SST perturbation experiments (6.5, 6.6, 6.8) do not perturb sea ice, which should be kept at control values, as for experiment 3.3. ( Updated 29th Oct, 2009)

CFMIP2 Aquaplanet Experimental Setup

For information on setting up the CFMIP aquaplanet experiments, please refer to Brian Medeiros's CFMIP-2 Aquaplanet information.

Please raise any issues with

CFMIP2 Cloud Condensate Tendency Diagnostics

For information on setting these up the CFMIP experiments, please refer to the CCTD guidance notes.

Please raise any issues with

Mark Webb - Updated June 2010