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The ISCCP simulator is a FORTRAN code that can be used to take cloud and atmosphere information from atmospheric models and convert it into something that is comparable to data from the ISCCP. It was written by Steve Klein ( ) and Mark Webb (

There are various issues you need to be aware of when running the code. Please refer to the advice in the README file.

Version 4.1 of the ISCCP simulator is now available.

A new version if the ISCCP simulator is now available. For use in CMIP5 and CFMIP-2, it is a necessary requirement to upgrade to version 4.1, as the science has changed compared to previous versions. ( Results from version 4.0 may be acceptable as long as they show no signs of corruption. ) This can be done by upgrading from an older version of the ISCCP simulator, or by using the CFMIP Observational Simulator Package (COSP) - see -> CFMIP observational simulator package (COSP). The ISCCP simulator code and README file are available below.