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CFMIP/COSP proposal for CMIP6.

The CFMIP proposal for CMIP6 was endorsed by the CMIP Panel in September 2015 and minor updates to experiment names, descriptions and lenths were made in Feb 2016. For details of the CFMIP experiments and diagnostics proposed for CMIP6 please refer to the CFMIP/CMIP6 experiment and diagnostic specification (Updated Feb 26th 2016).. This information is currently being incorporated into the Central CMIP6 Data Request.

Mark Webb, Updated February 2016.

Meeting report from WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity workshop now available.

In March 2014 a workshop was organised by the WCRP Grand Challenge on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity at Ringberg Schloss in Germany. A meeting report is now available.

Mark Webb, June 2014.

CFMIP Report and Presentation for WGCM17 now available.

Sandrine Bony recently presented an update on CFMIP at the recent WGCM meeting on behalf of the CFMIP committee. This is summarised in a report for WCRP.

Mark Webb, October 2013.

White Paper for WCRP Grand Challenge #4 on Clouds, Circulation and Climate Sensitivity

A white paper written by Sandrine Bony and Bjorn Stevens is now available. This sets out a strategy for understanding how the interactions between clouds, greenhouse gases and aerosols will affect temperature and precipitation in the changing climate, and will be one of the subjects discussed at the upcoming CFMIP/EUCLIPSE meeting in June.

Mark Webb, February 2013.

Clouds On-Off Klimate Intercomparison Experiment (COOKIE)

The EUCLIPSE project has designed some new experiments based on the CFMIP-2 protocol. COOKIE aims to explore the influence of cloud radiation effects on climate and climate change by making clouds invisible to radiation in the amip, amip4xCO2, amip4K, aqua, aqua4xCO2 and aqua4K experiments. For more information, please refer to the COOKIE website.

Mark Webb - (Updated Sep 2012)

CFMIP-2 experiments and diagnostic requirements updated - please see:


To be read in conjunction with the CMIP5 experimental design (Updated Jan 2011).

Mark Webb - (Updated Jan 2011)

Sandrine has written a report on CFMIP-2 related discussions at WGCM and an article for the GEWEX Newsletter on plans for CFMIP-2.

Mark Webb - October 2008

Following up on the Toulouse meeting we have updated our plans for CFMIP-2. The changes are detailed in The Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project : Summary of Activities and Recommendations for Advancing Assesments of Cloud Feedbacks which is to be presented to the WGCM meeting in Paris in September 2008.

Mark Webb and Sandrine Bony - July 2008

Since the Paris meeting we have been working on our plans for CFMIP-2. These are now detailed in The Cloud Feedback Model Inter-comparison Project- Plans for CFMIP-2 which was presented to the WGCM meeting in Hamburg 3-5th September 2007. Sandrine's presentation was well received, and the discussion is detailed in Sandrine's meeting report.

Mark Webb and Sandrine Bony - September 2007