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We currently have three CFMIP mailing lists.

cfmip-user is for general interactions between members of the CFMIP community. Feel free to post here on any subject related to CFMIP. Examples might include queries about CFMIP data, CFMIP diagnostics codes, or advertisements of new CFMIP related papers.

COSP specific issues should be raised via the cosp-user list.

cfmip-diag-dev is for discussions related to the CFMIP diagnostic codes repository.

These are Google groups, and can be subscribed to in two ways. You can visit cfmip-user, cosp-user, cfmip-diag-dev, click on the link "Apply for group membership", and follow the instructions. In this case, you will need a Google account. Alternatively, request an invitation by emailing for cfmip-user, for cosp-user, or for cfmip-diag-dev.

Mark Webb, Updated October 2013